DevSpace is a Ugandan company that offers professional Services ranging from startup incubation to professional trainings for the next generation of developers in Uganda and beyond.

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DevSpace is an innovative company currently runniniga number of startup projects. Below are a few of the projects being supported by us.

DevSpace Institute

Our Institutes are now offering a number of professional services. Our Institutes will soon open a number of professional courses as well. Stay tuned for more..

Available Services

We have put together a number of professional courses obtainable form DevSpace Institute. Below are some of the courses currently being offered at our different Institutes.

Business Intelligence

Are you just busy with your business but not really doing business? Do you feel you need a new way of managing your business even when you are not around? Do you believe you can achieve much more in terms of business success with very little budget? Get in touch with our amazing BI(Business Intelligence) network today. We promise you, we'll take your business to the next level!

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Website Design & Hosting

We have assembled a team of excellent web designers to help your business gain visibility in the global space. We provide website hosting and design at very affordable rates. Inbox us today and our 24/7 team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Our team can now deliver on your website project within just a day!

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GIS & Data Collection Tools

Are you a researcher or an organisation in need of quality data? Are you interested in performing geospatial analysis? Are you in need of professional tools? What about a company interested in conducting consumer satifaction survey? Are you a government organ interested in monitoring a remote project? Well, We are here to help you! Our excellent design for quality will make you come back again!

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Mobile/Web &Desktop Apps Development

Do you need a cutom app for your business, organisation, cause, and others?
At DevSpace Institute, we believe your need for quality mobile, web, and desktop applications should be met by quality services and we offer just that! We don't only do the apps for you but we train you to manage the app content on your own!

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Available Courses

Launching on the 1st July,2017


DevSpace Institute is now offering a number of professional services.

Data Analysis

Empowering young professionals in data analysis and documentataion.

Coming Soon

GIS & Data Management

We provide professional training in GIS designs, data management, & and data entry systems. The course also prepares you for basic data cleaning, Full stack data quality enforcement techniques,etc

Coming Soon

Android Apps development

Course prepares you for a great start in Android Applications development.

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Business Intelligence(With Accounting Tools)

Our team of experts will turn you into a professional with our well tailored business intelligence course.

Coming Soon

Project Design& Management

Lear project design and management. Learn more about MEAL

Coming Soon

Online Marketing

We will prepare you for the future of marketing for Africa. No prior experince required. Sign up for the best in Social Media marketing, overseas marketing skills,etc.

Coming Soon

Cyber Security(Essentials)

Ever thought about Cyber Security? Well, learn more with our practical courses now.

Coming Soon

Computer Graphics Design

Complete the course while earning from our hands-on computer graphics course. Finish and start your business right away!

Coming Soon

Mobile Web Apps(Full Stack)

Learn mobile-first appproach to modern web development. Learn Progressive web and become a pro.

Coming Soon

Ethical Hacking(Defensive)

Do you want to learn ethical hacking skills? Do you want to learn the tricks of hackers? Come and change the way you design your IT systems!

Coming Soon

Web Development(Full Stack)

Learn both Front-end and back-end development with our well structured Web development course.

Coming Soon

iOS Apps Development

Dive into iOS Apps Development with ease. Transform your android and web apps into iOS apps!

Coming Soon

Game Development

Do you like gaming? How about being able to develop a game of your choice? We will help you become a pro and start earning more!

Coming Soon

Elementary Computing

Do you want to start a career in computing? we are here to start from the word go!

Coming Soon

Computer Programming(Introduction)

Enjoy a wide range of the available programming languages we will introduce you to. Our step by step OOP approach will make you even greater!

Coming Soon

The Hub

Our Innovation Hub is committed to seeing that we revolutionize the way training is done and we want to promise a new beginning for technological revolution in Uganda.

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